We fully recognize we could not (and would not want to) put on any of these events without your help.  You breathe life into these events.  You make them personal for people.  We no doubt need you & love this component to our business.  So, know that we will always do everything we can afford to do to help you enjoy your time out there in the trenches helping those runners achieve their goals & dreams.  Let us know if there's anything you need.  We're here to serve you as well as the runners!

Please Fill Out This Quick Form & We Will Be In Touch ASAP:

Phone *
We might call or text you necessary info when you're out helping!

Here’s what we Do For every volunteer We Can
(as long as we know you're coming before the last minute):

  • park entry fees paid for,

  • camping fees paid for if your role requires you to sleep at the park,

  • food brought to you while you are volunteering,

  • shirt, hat, race swag, etc.

  • loads of good memories,

  • all the gear you need to successfully accomplish your task,

  • volunteer hours exchanged for future race entries.

  • 6-11 hours of volunteering = 25k or shorter half off.

  • 12-23 hours of volunteering = 50k or shorter for free.

  • 24-47 hours of volunteering = 100k or shorter for free.

  • 48+ hours of volunteering = 100m or shorter for free.

Please keep up with your hours & let us know when you're ready to exchange them for a comp code.
Hours must be used within 12 months of when they began to accrue.

Special Note About Bandera & Rocky Raccoon:

Please understand that volunteering at Bandera or Rocky Raccoon events do not accrue volunteer entry fees. Every comp entry we give away directly & indirectly costs Tejas Trails quite a bit of money. There are literally several hundred volunteers between these events & we can’t afford to pay our operational expenses if we gave away that many free entries throughout the year.

What we will do though, is if your club or organization is coming together to volunteer at an event, we will send over a few comp entries after the race for your group to raffle off; paper/rock/scissors for; octagon ring fight for; or however you want to divvy them up.

Just let us know if you represent a group & would like to hold us up on that offer.