Tejas Trails Policies

As a valued member of the Tejas Trails family, we know that you invest a lot of your hard earned money to participate in our races.  Likewise, we invest almost all of our time and money into our company.  The process to prepare and execute a high-quality event starts 364 days out from the event and continues well after the last runner has finished. Most of the expenses are incurred months before the race.  By the time we are two weeks out from a race, pretty much everything is paid for. 

That being stated, we also know that life happens and sometimes you’re unable to participate in a race due to injury, illness, flight cancellation, or other life occurrence.  We want to honor your investment in the Tejas Trails race and at the same time keep Tejas Trails on solid financial footing so we can continue to bring you the best trail running events possible without increasing the entry fees for our events.

So, Tejas Trails and Event Data Solutions came together to figure out the best possible way to serve you well and make the aforementioned happen.

...on Money-Related issues:

Personal No-Show Insurance:

We've partnered with Ticket Guardian, an industry leader in personal event "can't make it any longer" insurance.  


It's simple! When checking out on our online reg system, just add the inexpensive insurance option.  Then if something comes up (all the way up until the race starts) you can file a claim letting them know what happened and they process your claim. Terms and conditions do apply, please make sure you read them before you purchase!

Terms and conditions - please read!!

Claim Form

Transfers and Deferrals:

Transferring your race entry to a different person (transfer) or to a future event (deferral) are intended to help runners who have an unforeseen life event that prevents them from participating.   We want to make these processes as easy as possible, while also ensuring that there is no incentive for anyone to sell their race entry at a profit.  If transferring to another person, we also expect and appreciate you choosing someone who wasn't already planning to register for that event.

 Option 1 - Transfers (to Another Person):


Transfers to another person are a two-step process that allow you to designate who you want to transfer your race entry to.  This is only allowed for the particular race you are registered for and now unable to attend.  It is not usable for any future event.


  1. The person transferring the entry (Transferor) sends an email to registration@eventdatasolutions.com authorizing the transfer and must also include the reason for the transfer. In that email, please include the name and Cc the email address of the person receiving the transfer (Transferee).

  2. The transferee will receive a discount code via email in the dollar amount of 50% of the race fees paid and the transferor will be removed from the race registration data.

  3. The transferee then registers for the race using the discount code from the transferor, paying the difference to complete their race entry.

  4. Please read the Conditions section below.


  • Transfers to another person will only be allowed if your request was submitted one (1) week or more from the start of the event.

   Option 2 - Deferrals (to Another Event):


Deferring to another event allows you to choose any Tejas Trails event of similar or lesser distance.  Deferrals may be used for any Tejas Trails event that occurs prior to the next occurrence of the event that you are deferring from. Deferrals to the same event the following year are on only allowed on races that are not in a waitlist deferral situation.


  1. Please email registration@eventdatasolutions.com with the subject line "Deferral to another event". You must include the reason that you are requesting the deferral.

  2. Be sure to include the event and distance you are currently registered in AND the event you wish to transfer to.

  3. Please read the Conditions section below.


  • Deferrals will be accepted on a sliding scale based on how far out from race day you complete the process..

    • 90 days out or more = 100% transfer

    • 30-89 days out = 75% transfer

    • 10-29 days out = 50% transfer

    • 0-9 days out = No transfer

  • There will also be a $10 admin. fee held out of the transferred amount.

  • Deferrals to a different event are only allowed to the same distance or shorter.
    (For deferral purposes, we will consider 52.4 miles = 50 miles)

  • Deferrals may only be used one time, you may not transfer a transfer or defer a deferral.

  • The deferral process must be completed via the processes described above. No other means will be accepted or acknowledged.

  • Transfers may be used for a different distance within that event.

    • If moving to a longer distance, you must pay the difference before we move you.

    • No refund if moving to a shorter distance.

    • Sometimes a certain distance is maxed out, even though the entire event is not. If that happens, a distance change won’t be possible.

  • Last minute change of plans? Sick or have to work on race day? You can now get a transfer credit up to 100% of your registration fee (less park fees & processing fees, etc.) transferred to a different upcoming Tejas Trail event (to be used within 1 year of the original race ) IF you have 7 referrals. This is available up until race day!

Wait Lists

The Wait List process replaces the Transfer process when a race reaches maximum capacity.  When this happens, the transferor will no longer be able to designate who receives his or her race entry.  This is done to prevent sales of race entries above the price of the race. Runners join the waitlist by registering on the waitlist form on the registration site and paying a non-refundable $25 fee.

This is a first in, first out process, by race distance. Once the Wait List is active, a runner can formally cancel his or her race entry by sending an email request (from the email account the entry is linked to) to registration@eventdatasolutions.com and then that entry will be offered to the first person on the Waitlist.  The next person on the waitlist will be contacted by the reg company and will then have 24 hours to accept the race entry and pay the race entry cost less $20 of the $25 paid to get on the Waitlist.  After 24 hours, we will assume that the person on the Wait List is not interested in converting to a race entry and that spot will be offered to the next person on the Waitlist. This ensures that the person receiving the entry is paying the same price as if they had signed up for the race before the Waitlist went into effect. 

The person cancelling their race entry will receive a 75% deferral credit to a future Tejas Trails (excluding extraneous fees such as admin fees, processing fees, park fees, etc.) up to, but not including, the next running of the waitlisted race you are deferring from.

Again, these deferrals are NOT guaranteed, and will be given on a first in, first out basis based on the date and time the person cancelled their race entry.  A deferral will only be given if a Waitlist entry is converted to a race entry.

Race Cancellation

This is the worst-case scenario and it’s bad for all of us. 
Tejas Trails policy is to hold our events no matter what the weather conditions unless they become life-threatening or the course is unapproachable. 
            Examples: lightning, flash flooding, hurricane conditions, tornados, etc. 

  • We won’t cancel an event until the last minute, as Texas forecasts aren’t always accurate.

  • You will receive an email and we will post on the Tejas Trails FB page if this happens.

  • If you don’t hear anything, assume the race is on like always.

  • In the long Tejas Trails history, only one race has ever been canceled.

  • In addition, please know a park manager may override our decision at any moment. He or she may cancel an event at any time. We have no control over this scenario.

No matter how much we will want to, we won't be able to refund any money for a race cancellation since the vast majority our work and expenses are completed and your entry fees have already been expended. 


Refunds are not permitted under any circumstances.  Please do not ask us to break our policy.


We don't give 'em too often.  But sometimes we can't help ourselves when we start feeling extra generous!  However, we are not able to go back and add a discount retroactively if you sign up and forget to use one.  But don't worry, our regular pricing is extremely fair for what we put into each event.

...On Swag Issues:

Shirt Cut-off / Late Reg Swag

Why is their a shirt cut-off?
It's literally when we send the shirt count in.  If we didn't send the shirt order in the day after the shirt cut-off, no one would have a shirt on raceday.

Does anyone who registers after the shirt cut-off get anything?
You bet!  We actually have the coolest policy we've ever heard of.  Everybody gets something awesome!  For those who register after the shirt cutoff, you'll get a sweet hat, visor, beanie, arm sleeves, socks, or something customized for that race.  

Then, after packet pickup is closed and our volunteers have been given their swag, you or someone on your behalf, can go to the Tejas Trails Store (if it's setup onsite) or to the Packet Pickup table and swap your swag item for the other one.  Or if you like both, you can purchase the other item (usually for $20).

Nicer Swag Item

When registering online, you can choose the "Nicer Swag" Option.  We will provide a nice long sleeve option (such as a hoodie, zippered hoodie, fleece, micro fleece, jacket, sweatshirt, etc.) for all of our Fall & Winter races.  If you want this upgrade, it's easy to make happen.

No Swag Item

When registering online, you can choose a "No Swag" Option and save money.  Some folks have enough medals and race shirts, so we aren't offended if you would rather save a few bucks.

...on Race Issues:


What is a DNF?

DNF stands for Did Not Finish.  Simply stated, it just notes that the runner did not complete the course in the time provided for the race.  The time for the race is always counted from when the race officially started, not necessarily the time runner actually started.

What happens when a runner crosses the finish line after cutoff?

The runner is listed in the results as a DNF and the last lap time is not listed.

Even if it’s only one second over cutoff?  That sounds cruel!

While it may sound like it’s a heartless policy, this is actually done with the utmost respect for the runner as well as the volunteers and workers at the race.  At the end of the day, the time limit is what makes the performance either valid or invalid. All runners are provided the rules in advance, and they are the same for everyone.  Allowing a result outside of the given time limit, even if only by .1 second, would invalidate those who have completed within the time limit.  In this way, it gives the completion as well as any subsequent award or honor validity across the years.

It still sounds cruel!

We agree, it breaks our hearts too to see someone invest many hours in a run and fall short of completion by a relatively small amount of time. We keep the finish line up and the clock on for everyone who makes it through the last aid station before it’s cutoff, and they receive a hero’s welcome when they cross the finish line.  They even can have a finisher medal if they so-choose (representing the number of miles they did finish throughout the day/night).  Furthermore, we’re sincerely thrilled and encouraged that they stuck it out and completed the distance, but as stated above, will show in the results as a DNF.


We mathematically set up cut-offs for when a runner is allowed to start their final lap, as well as each aid station along the route for that final lap.  

We cannot allow anyone to continue on once those cutoffs.  Even if you know your way around the park.  Ultimately we are responsible for every registrant during the race weekend.  We are also doing a rolling teardown, which means we may be strategically tearing down a section of the course in a manner that may not make sense to anyone else but us.  Therefore, if someone sneaks out after a cutoff, they may all of a sudden find him or herself lost in the woods.  We will provide transport back to the Start/Finish area and be sure you're taken care of.  But we do need you to cooperate if you miss a cut-off.  Please also keep in mind this is "quitting time" for our volunteers.  And they are just that, volunteers.  We promised them that time is when they will not be needed any longer, so please don't set them up to have to take part in a search party.