Chip Timing 
All races will be chip timed. Chips will be attached to an ankle strap, picked up on Sundary morning only at the event venue & must be worn on your ankle during the race. Wear your chip correctly to ensure the system can read it. 

Note: start time is reference to race start. The chip is only used for finish time.

DNF, Quitting, Not-Finishing, Leaving the Course, Stopping, Timing Out 
If you leave the race for any reason before completing the full race distance, you must TURN IN YOUR CHIP/strap. If we have your CHIP, then we know you have left the course & we won't go looking for you all day & night.

Split Time Collection 
Some races may have mid-point reads to help us track progress during the race. If you see a timing mat on the course, make sure you run over it.

All runners must check-in prior to starting (at the start line), by walking over the mat either before the race or at the start of the race. This alerts us to your presence.  Picking up your packet DOES NOT mean you started the race. The pre-race check-in (i.e. walking over the mat with your chip) &/or crossing the mat when the race starts will let us know you are out there on the course. This is very important for your safety & the safety of our volunteers/personnel, as local officials/venue administrations expects us to be keenly aware of this vital information.