Extra Info:

Driving Directions

Stadium Map

Course Info:

Course Map (2017 - present)

Course Map (2013 - 2016)

GPS & Elevation Profile: 50k & Marathon (revised for 2016 course)

GPS & Elevation Profile: Marathon 2018

GPS & Elevation Profile (2015 course)

Aid Station Info:

*Updated 2017 - present Aid Station Info

5k: Aid Station/Mileage Chart

10K: Aid Station/Mileage Chart

Thirteener: Aid Station/Mileage Chart

Marathon: Aid Station/Mileage Chart

Ultra/50k: Aid Station/Mileage Chart

Each Station Contains:

Aid Stations will have water, ice, Tailwind, sodas, fruit, Saltstick, packaged snacks & an assortment of quick-to-grab foods such as chips, nuts & pretzels.
Marathon Turnaround Aid Station #1 & Ultra Turnaround Aid Station will have minimal staff & water, ice, Tailwind, Saltstick & packaged snacks only.
Legendary Bluebonnet Cafe Pie at the Finish!

Total # Of Aid Stations Per Distance:

6 Aid Stations along the course of the Ultra,
5 aid stations for the Marathon,
3 aid stations on the Thirteener course
& 2 hydration stations on the 10k/5k course. 

However, because this is a true out & back course, several of these aid stations will be hit twice,
so you'll actually have this total number per event (including Start/Finish Aid Station): 

15 - Ultra/50k (Avg. Aid Station every 2.10m)

13 - Marathon/26.2m (Avg. Aid Station every 2.00m)

5 - Thirteener/13.1m (Avg. Aid Station every 2.60m)

3 - 10k (Avg. Aid Station every 2.10m)

3 - 5k (Avg. Aid Station every 1.00m)

Detailed Aid Station Info & Math:

The 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2 & 50k will each have Aid Stations along the way. 
Aid Stations are listed below along with approx. distances from previous Aid Stations. 
Spectators/pacers are NOT allowed on course. If you NEED crew assistance, please consider having them Volunteer at a course Aid Station...this way everyone benefits from their generous support. For more Spectator Info, please refer to Spectator Map.
For more Aid Station details, please refer to the Course Map.



Thirteener (Half Marathon):