*Upated 2017 - present Aid Station Info - modified course!

Each Station Contains:

Aid Stations will have water, ice,Tailwind, packaged snacks, sodas, fruit, & an assortment of quick-to-grab foods such as chips, nuts & pretzels. Unstaffed/Minimally staffed Aid Stations will have water, ice, Tailwind, packaged snacks, Saltstick & packaged snacks only. Legendary Blue Bonnet Cafe Pie is at the Finish!

Total # of Aid Stations Per Distance (including finish line AS):

  • 6 Aid Stations along the course of the Ultra

  • 5 Aid Stations for the Marathon course

  • 3 Aid Stations on the Thirteener course

  • 2 simple (see Unstaffed/Minimally staffed A.S. for details) Aid Stations on the 5k/10k course

However, because this is a true out & back course, several of these aid stations will be hit multiple times,
so you'll actually have this number total per event (including Start/Finish Line A.S. at Mustang Stadium): 

  • 15 - Ultra

  • 13 - Marathon

  • 5 - Thirteener

  • 3 - 10k

  • 3 - 5k

Detailed Aid Station Info & Math:

  • The 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2 & 50k will each have Aid Stations along the way.

  • Aid Stations are listed below along with approximate distances from previous Aid Station.

  • Spectators/Pacers Are Not Allowed on course per Marble Falls PD, The City Of Marble Falls & Burnet County.

  • If you NEED crew assistance, please consider having them Volunteer at a course Aid Station...this way everyone benefits from their generous support.

  • Family, friends & crews are encouraged to support runners at Mustang Stadium, as they start the race & triumphantly run the track to the finish line! Spectators are also welcome in the first mile & last mile of the course (ie side streets east of Mormon Mill Rd & west of Mustang Stadium). See Spectator Map for more info.

  • For details, refer to the Course Map.

Aid Station Info:

*Updated 2017 - present Aid Station Info

5k: Aid Station/Mileage Chart

10K: Aid Station/Mileage Chart

Thirteener: Aid Station/Mileage Chart

Marathon: Aid Station/Mileage Chart

Ultra/50k: Aid Station/Mileage Chart