2017 Trifecta Results

This challenge was designed for Several reasons:

  • to test all aspects of a good trail runner (endurance, pacing, speed, active recovery, nutrition, hydration, race strategizing, patience, grit, the list goes on...).

  • to give runners a great training day in preparation for their upcoming summer ultra (ie Capt'n Karl's Trail Series).

  • to help new ultra runners have a great test (lots of miles, but broken up & in a really fun atmosphere).

  • to give runners a chance to practice night trail running before the Capt'n Karl's Night Trail Series.

Here's how The "Trifecta Trail Challenge"  Works:

  • Sign up for the Marathon. During the registration process, you will be prompted to sign up for the 10km in the afternoon & 5km in the evening. This will automatically get you entered into the "Trifecta Trail Challenge"!

  • You'll race the:

    1. Marathon in the morning

    2. 10km in the afternoon

    3. 5km in the evening

  • Whoever has the fastest time with all 3 distances combined is the winner.

  • We will award the winner with a special presentation at the close of the final event Saturday night.

  • The overall male champion & the overall female champion will be offered free entry into the next year's event.