For the 50km and 100km, you will run a small out and back to get the mileage dialed in. 

With that, note that the first lap of the 100km is a couple tenths of a mile longer than the 2nd lap.  So when you finish your first lap, you only have to cross the timing mat under the arch, and head back out the straightaway you just came in from.  Nothing extra is needed that 2nd lap.

Course Info:

Full Race Course Map

Half Marathon Map

Elevation Profile - 2017 course

Aid Station Info:

Important Notes:
The aid stations for this event are self-supported.  This means you put your supplies at the aid stations before the race starts, and pick them up after the race.
We provide a bit of overhead shelter, ice & water.  That's all.  The rest is up to you!

Please be sure your crew always parks in a parking space. Parallel parking alongside the road is not allowed by the park and you may get ticketed or worse. There are limited spaces. Details are on the Aid Station Charts below.

Tinaja & Conference Center Aid Stations are not accessible by vehicle. You must park at Gorman Falls Parking Area and hike down to them. We will deliver these drop bags for you, but we cannot return them until the race is over Sunday morning…no matter how much you beg.

Aid Station Chart:

Half Marathon



Park Maps:

Trail Map

TPWD Interactive Map

Park Facilities Map

Getting There:

Driving Directions


Quick View of Maps & Charts:

13.1 mi Aid Station Chart & Info

Race Course Map (all distances). 50km = 1 full loop. 100km = 2 full loops. 13.1 mi = 1 shortened loop, turning right at Cedar Chopper, heading to the river, then back to Lemon Ridge and home.

100km & 50km Aid Station Chart & Info