Course Info:

The Elementary School 1 mile loop will have some wider jeep road sections at the beginning, will have some singletrack / proper trail in the middle, then an open field run back home so parents and spectators can see them coming and going!

The 5km loop is mostly flat, with a lot of twists and turns and a whole lotta' fun!  There are a couple ravines the course dives in and out of, and a nice long section next to a bluff with a big drop overlooking the river.

The 10km loop has a bit of everything.  There’s some open pasture running.  Once out on the backside of the property, there will be a little bit of good climbing and fun descending, some running next to a large bluff, and a lot of twisty-turny singletrack.  You'll see every inch of the property and all the beautiful ranch scenery, along with the San Gabriel's views and cool water to keep you feeling alive!

For all loops, even though this ranch is mostly flat, know that this is hill country single track. 
That means you'll see easy stretches of open fields and a little jeep road running; but also rocks, drops, climbs, ups, downs, cacti, creek beds, bluffs, ravines, water, and a lot of beautiful challenges along the way.

Course Layout Descriptions:

26.2mi Course
(four loops of the 10km course with an add'l .34 miles section added on each loop)

13.1mi Course
(two loops of the 10km course with an add'l .34 miles section added on each loop)

15km Course
(a 10km loop, then repeat the first 5km of that loop)

10km Course 
(one full loop of the 10km loop)

5km Course
(one full loop of the 5km course)

1 mile & 2 mile Course
(1 mile loop.  Once for 1 mile.  Twice for 2 mile)


Elevation Chart for 10km


Aid Station Info:

You'll need to be able to carry water with you for 5km at a time.

Aid Stations are 5km apart.
Full on Aid Stations at start/finish/pass through line (every 5km). 
See link below for full explanation of what to expect at the aid station:

Aid Station Food, Drinks & Supplements