Course Details:

All distances run the same course in a clockwise direction. The 5km will have a cut to the right to get you back home. There will be signage showing that turn with “5km this way, 10km that way”. The courses will head out on wider easier running, then will get into some fun single track with some tight turns and short ups and downs. After that, it turns into some nice flowy single track right next to the river. Then a quick jaunt back through the field to the finish line.

One lap for the 5km. One extended lap for the 10km.

The 2 Hour Run will begin with a 10km lap, then begin repeating 1 mile laps over and over until 2 hours has elapsed.

Bridgeland Map-v2.jpg

Aid Station Info:

We will have an aid station near the halfway point of the 10km with basic supplies. The 5km will not have an aid station, so be sure you have enough water to get you through the entire race. We will have a full aid station at the start/finish/turnaround line just past the arch for those in the 2 hour race.

We are also a cupless event series. So be sure to bring a pack or water bottle of some sort to get through 3’ish miles no matter what distance you’re doing.

For the Trail Run, we probably won’t have the normal elaborate spread of aid station food for this one like our other events. There will be plenty of ice and water, fruit, salty stuff, sweet stuff, etc. But no guarantee what type of gels we’ll have, and we might not have Tailwind like usual either. We might. But we might not. So if you’re picky, plan on having your own goodies.