There will be NO TENT CAMPING AT THE START/FINISH EQUESTRIAN AREAWe will be allowed to have approx 50-60 tents at the SPONSORED YOUTH CAMPING AREA (YCA) with a maximum of 150 people.  The YCA is about 1.5 miles from the Start/ Finish. First come, first serve. Parking is LIMITED.  Runners are allowed to use the YCA on Friday from 4:00 pm through Sunday noon.  If requested by park staff, runners will have to pay for a day pass on Friday, depending on your arrival time. Your $10 Special Event Fee paid upon registration will cover camping at YCA and your admission fee from Sat morning through Sunday morning. Runners staying at the park on Sunday for the entire day will have to pay for a day pass. However, sleeping, hanging out and packing up at the YCA on Sunday is permitted, granted that you leave the park/YCA by noon. More information on the YCA camping rules can be found HERE.

This is a beautiful camp area & we are fortunate the park is allowing use to use it. The YCA amenities include picnic tables, one chemical toilet, numerous outdoor grills/fit pits with wood supplied, lantern posts, garbage receptacle, wooded area for shade, two outdoor showers with faucets for potable water and private access to Pedernales River.  Tejas Trails has reserved & paid for use of this area on Fri & Saturday nights for OUR RUNNERS ONLY.  Parking is limited at the YCA, so arrive early.  RV's, motor homes, travel trailers & campers are NOT allowed in the YCA.  These types of aforementioned vehicles will need to make a reservation through TPWD for a designated RV campsite.  These RV sites are at a premium over the summer & fill up months in advance.

All PARK RULES & REGULATIONS APPLY!  Alcohol is prohibited & violators will be ticketed by park police.  No exceptions. Please use the bathroom for all needs, do not use the woods.  Nudity is also prohibited. Pick up all trash & use the large receptacle.  Pit fires will be allowed, unless there is a burn ban in effect.  Do not leave fires unattended.  Per Smokey the Bear: "If its too hot to touch, its too hot to leave".  Respect 10pm quiet time hours.  NO PETS. Review PARK RULES & REGULATIONS for further info.  

Using this park is a privilege, not a right!  Violation of these simple rules will jeopardize future events.  Don't be the person who ruins it for the entire Tejas Trails Family.  This will be our 11th year of having an event at Pedernales Falls SP. Tejas Trails is very proud of our relationship with staff/management & by displaying exceptional outdoor stewardship, we will ensure use of this venue for years to come.

Sorry, no RV's, motor homes, travel trailers, campers, etc. at Start/Finish or Youth Camping Area.  Reservations for a private RV site must be made through TPWD.

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