Muleshoe Bend (Lower Colorado River Authority) Recreation Area, it is a setup similar to Colorado Bend State Park.  Start/finish will have parking & camping areas designated, for Saturday night only. First come, first serve at all our races.  There are ACRES of land here, but if you want the prime spots you will have to arrive earlier (Saturday, noonish). Pit & port-o-potties at start/finish; flush toilets & an outdoor (cold) shower .5 miles away at park HQ.  Again, if you want your own designated campsite you will have to reserve & pay extra. RV's, motor homes, travel trailers & campers are allowed, however there is no water/electricity hookups.  These types of aforementioned vehicles will need to make a reservation through LCRA for a designated campsite.

Using this Park is a privilege, not a right!  Violation of these simple rules will jeopardize future events.  Don't be the person who ruins it for the entire Tejas Trails Family. This will be our 12th year of having an event at Muleshoe Bend. Tejas Trails is very proud of our relationship with staff/management & by displaying exceptional outdoor stewardship, we will ensure use of this venue for years to come.

RV's, motor homes, travel trailers, campers are allowed.  Please contact venue prior to arrival for reservations/details.

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