TINAJAS - Itinerary

Everything is at The Spicewood Springs Parking Area
at Colorado Bend State Park

Tuesday morn - Friday afternoon
Course Marking

4:00-6:00pm:       Packet Pickup
6:00-6:30pm:        Race Briefing
7:00-8:00pm:        Packet Pickup

Saturday - Sunday
6:00-9:30am:        Packet Pickup

7:30am:                 Start: 50km & 100km Relay & 50km Relay
7:45am:                 Start: 100km
10:00am:               Start 1/2 Marathon
10:30am:               Youth Trail Run (check in & register at the start/finish line timing tent)

7:45pm:                Cutoff Start/Finish - No Starting 2nd Loop
8:45pm:                Cutoff - Lemon Ridge (outbound)
10:30pm:              Cutoff - Windmill
12:15am:               Cutoff - Gorman Falls
1:30am:                 Cutoff - Tinaja
3:15am:                 Cutoff - Conference Center
4:30am:                Cutoff - Cedar Chopper
6:30am:                Cutoff - Lemon Ridge (inbound)

7:45am:               Cutoff - Final (Race Officially Over)