Gassy Goat Course Info

Plan to carry water, a bunch of water. Our suggestion is to plan for at least 24 ounces per hour.  Each lap may very well take you quite a bit longer than expected.  There is runnable terrain, but the majority of this course is off trail.  The course will be marked, so you don't need a map and compass.  But you will have to pay attention to find the next route marker.  It will be very important that you follow the exact prescribed route.

Gassy Goat 25K / 3x5 Mile Relay / 5 Miler
25K and 3x5 relay completes all 3 loops
5 miler completes loop 2 only


4K Goat Chaser Hill Challenge

2.5 mile out and back course with 428' of climbing / 428' of descent. This race starts at the start/finish as noted in the 25K map, runs up the first part of Loop 2 and back down at 1.2 miles when you've reached the top of the hill.  

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 5.55.48 PM.png