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Cypress Tris & Trails Fest

5km . 10km . Most Miles in 2 Hours
Sprint Tri, Youth Tri, Doggie Splash N Dash, Mountain Bike, Youth Mountain Bike

July 27, 2019


Cypress Tris & Trails Fest

We have a great opportunity to partner up with the Bayou City Triathlon Series’ Cypress Triathlon. Turns out there is some sweet single track right around the corner from the Triathlon Race Hub that we have been allowed to utilize for this event. So we are calling the new improved celebration of endurance events the “Cypress Tris & Trails Fest”, and it’s going to be awesome!

Cypress, TX (Bridgeland Community)
Closest Bigger City: Houston

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Oak Meadow Park is in the Bridgeland Community; off N. Bridgeland Lake Pkwy off Fry Rd, past Lake Bridgeland.

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Race Day Registration

No Race Day Registration for this one.

Most Miles in 2 Hours Race

Runners will start off with one full 10km lap.  Then after that initial lap is completed, you’ll switch to a 1 mile lap.  Most miles completed before the 2 hour mark wins. Super simple. Real Tough. Crazy fun!


Note this is a late afternoon / evening start. (See Weekend Schedule link for exact details). Depending on your speed on the trails, you might want a headlamp and/or flashlight.

Wet Trails & Fun Trail Work

In the event of the trails being too muddy to use, we may have to postpone to the following weekend. We will, of course communicate this ahead of time as soon as it’s realized. No refunds can be given if you can’t make the backup date.

If we use the trails when they’re wet at all, this is a very special gift from the trail builders; and in the trail community as most of you know, it’s expected to come out and help work on the trails before and/or after the event. It’s a ton of fun to get involved with trail maintenance and can be a great family day or day with friends (new and old). We’ll be in touch on this as well!

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