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July 18, 2019
60km   .   30km   .   20km . 10km . 5km

Start: 7:00pm Sat,  End 7am Sun  (60k 7:00pm; 30k 7:30; 20k & 10k 8:00; 5k 8:30 12 Hour Limit)
Muleshoe Bend LCRA Recreation Area, Spicewood, TX
Closest Smaller Towns = Spicewood, Marble Falls, Bee Cave
Closest Larger Cities = Austin; San Antonio
Race Director - Brad Quinn (Brad@TejasTrails.Com)

The Second Event In The Capt'n Karl's Trail Series

Please note, this park will require all spectators to pay a small fee to enter.  We take the $10 for the park upon your online registration for all racers.  But all non-racers will need to pay at the gate.  That fee will be good from Sat morning through Sunday morning.  Even though it's a requirement, please consider it a cool way to support an amazing LCRA park, and the park's staff to maintain a very special set of trails!

What I would Pack...

by Pam Harght

How do I run Night?!

by Joe Prusaitis

Ultra Mindset

by Julie Schmal

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"Those who don’t take a chance, won’t get a chance."
Capt'n Karl (Brad & Nyla Quinn's late father-in-law/father who this series is named)

“Y’all! These are SO much fun in some of the most beautiful places in Texas. Nyla & Brad take care of their entrants and treat them like family.” Laura Euckert

“Very strong work. My first 30k (tbh, my first trail run period) & it was an amazing experience. Much of that was thanks to the outstanding organization of the event. I’m still not sure how something as chaotic as a night trail race in the middle of a wilderness park is better organized & supported than most road races I’ve attended, but clearly you know what you are doing. Hope to experience it again soon."
Zack Foster, Muleshoe Bend 2014

"I'm so looking forward to the series - these are hands down my favorite races of the year."
Celena Dopart, TX Trail Running Champion

"I Can't Put My Finger On What It Is Exactly, But Capt'n Karl's Trail Series Are My Favorite Races In The World. I Always Look Forward To Summer Because Of Them. Thank You A Million For Doing Them!"
Julie Koepke, TX Trail Running Champion

"Hi Brad, I wanted to thank you for such an amazing race and express my sincere gratitude for how well organized everything was. The aid stations were life saving and so well stocked, not sure I could have finished the 30k without all the ice/water/snacks and positive energy coming from all the volunteers. It was physically grueling and mentally challenging but I’d do it again next week knowing how well run it is." - Steve Z.

Our second event is held at Muleshoe Bend LCRA Recreation Area. Approximately 40 miles northwest of Austin in picturesque Spicewood, TX. Muleshoe Bend is located on the scenic Lower Colorado River, Lake Travis region. This course is challenging, rocky, technical with 3094 feet of elevation gain. These trails are deceptively tough, with the heat & humidity making Muleshoe Bend a worthy adversary. This is primarily due to the thick foliage & heavy wood, creating a peaceful environment & no wind. Get ready to sweat.