Cactus Rose
36 Hour Race


36 Hour Race

  • Same price as 100 mile race.
  • Can decide during the race, but must check in and get a new bib if going for it from me at the Finish Line.
  • After the 4th loop, the laps become 5.4 miles long.
  • You'll head back out counter clockwise each "extra lap", hit Boyles Aid Station, then come back toward the Start/Finish Line.
  • Next 5.4 mile lap must begin within 15 minutes of previous lap being started.
  • Must be a complete 5.4 mile lap to count as Official add’l miles.
    • In other words, if you make it 2 miles into a 5.4 mile loop and 36 hours elapses, you will not be awarded those 2 miles.
  • Most "Official Miles" wins at the end of 36 hours.