Traverse Running was started by Brad and Nyla Quinn in 2006,  with the first event (Capt'n Karl's Run) in honor of Nyla’s late father, Capt’n Karl. The original event was at Inks Lake State Park & had a 6 & 12 hour format.

There were approximately 22 people at our first race & everyone appeared to embrace this contrasting idea of a “night only trail race” during the hottest part of the Texas summer. After a few years, we approached Joyce & Joe Prusaitis, owners of the well-known Tejas Trails, LLC after the conclusion of the 2007 event, to help support & cultivate Capt’n Karl’s Run. We decided to make it a summer series & expanded the format to include Pedernales Falls State Park & Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area from 2008-2011. After some debate, we replaced Inks Lake State Park with Reveille Peak Ranch & added Colorado Bend State Park. The events are approximately 3 weeks apart spanning form June through August. To sustain the memory of an awesome man, Karl Lembke (aka Capt’n Karl), we donate a percentage of the proceeds every year toward a local Hill Country charity. Our current charity is the Phoenix Center, a nonprofit organization in Marble Falls focused on providing high-quality, affordable mental health care for local children & families. This type of play-base pediatric mental health facilities are sparse in rural Texas & truly an invaluable asset to our community.

The events have been growing & improving every year.  In 2015, Joe and Joyce decided to sell their company (Tejas Trails) to Chris & Krissy McWatters.  Chris & Brad had become friends over the years, realizing they were very like-minded in event promotion & execution; & how they viewed the heart & soul of trail running & what it has done for each of them.  In 2016, it dawned on the two of them that it made sense to bring Traverse Running & Tejas Trails together.  In the early summer of 2016, they did just that & the Capt'n Karl's Trail Series (4) + The Hill Country Trivium became a part of the Tejas Trails line-up. That's how Brad, Nyla, Chris & Krissy began working together to continue pushing this beautiful sport & lifestyle they have all grown to love so dearly.  

Founder of Traverse Running, now Race Director for Tejas Trails, Brad Quinn is no stranger to trail running.  Quinn has run 50 trail marathons in 50 days on Hill Country trails, continuing a lifelong passion for running.  Take a gander at Brad's race bio below.  We think you'll agree that this RD knows Hill Country Trails!


Growing up in Wisconsin, an outdoor lifestyle was encouraged by my family at a young age, running my first organized race at age 6.  Endurance sports like soccer always interested me.  I can remember playing tournaments over the summer where we would have 4-5 games in one day.  By the championship game it was less about aptitude & more about more here...