2015 USA 100km
Trail Championships

2015 Montrail Ultra Cup
A trail of rugged & brutal beauty where everything cuts, stings, or bites

This is a
Tejas Trails Event

Bandera 100km / 50km / 25km
10-Jan-2015 (Saturday) 7:30am (24hrs)

Montrail Ultra Cup: (2011-2012-2013-2014-2015)
Register for the Ultra Cup and Read all about the series, guidelines, and prizes. To sign up for the Ultra Cup, you need to register. Registration must take place within 2 weeks of finishing your first Ultra Cup race, to get credit for that race. After signing up, all Ultra Cup finishes will be automatically tracked and scored. Runners can register and receive Ultra Cup points towards an entry slot into Western States.

USA 100km Trail Championships: (2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016)
Championship Requirements. Athletes who participate in this competition may be subject to formal drug testing in accordance with USATF and IAAF rules, in accordance with USOC, USADA, or IAAF procedures. Athletes found, after a disciplinary hearing, to be positive for prohibited substances, as defined by the WADA Code and/or IAAF, or who refuse to be tested, will be disqualified from this event and may lose eligibility for future competitions. Any prize money payable to an athlete who has tested positive shall be withheld until the final disposition of all disciplinary proceedings. BEWARE: Some prescriptions, over the counter medications, and nutritional supplements may contain prohibited substances. Information regarding drugs and drug testing may be obtained by calling the USADA Reference Hotline at 1-800-233-0393, or www.usantidoping.org.

If you intend to compete in the USATF 100km Trail Championship, you can now register for your 2015 membership. Once you get your new number, email it to . Dont forget to register for the 100km first.
All you Bandera Veterans who think you are eligible for your 500km jacket: Register now, then let me know your jacket size... and the sooner the better: I need 4 weeks to order the jacket and get it embroidered, so dont wait too long.
2015 USA 100km Trail
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1st/$1000 2nd/$500
3rd/$300 Masters/$200
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